Storm with pepper gas: opposition leader Nikanor Melia detained in Georgia

Storm with pepper gas: opposition leader Nikanor Melia detained in Georgia

23 February , 13:41In the world
The leader of the opposition United National Movement party Nikanor Melia was detained in Georgia. The order for his arrest was issued by the court last week. Melia refused to pay bail in the case of riots at protests in the summer of 2019. In response, the politician locked himself in the party's office.

The party's headquarters on the outskirts of Tbilisi was surrounded by special forces from the rapid reaction unit. According to the local TV channel "Rustavi 2", during the arrest the security forces used pepper gas. Several oppositionists have suffered.

Let us remind you that the party headed by Melia was created by the former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Its current leader is accused of organizing protests in June 2019. After they were held, the court sentenced Melia to restraint of liberty on bail. He had to leave a deposit of 30 thousand lari (about nine thousand dollars) and constantly wear an electronic bracelet. Later, during the rally, the politician publicly removed the bracelet and threw it into the crowd. Then the court increased the bail to 40 thousand lari. It had to be paid within 50 days. Melia did not comply with the court's decision; in response, he locked himself in the party headquarters.

After the court's decision to arrest Melia, the country's Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned. He called the detention of the oppositionist unacceptable. Gakharia is confident that this will further exacerbate the political tension in the country. The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not comment on Melia's detention.

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