And here is the usual "flu"! Brazil surpassed Russia in the number of cases of coronavirus

And here is the usual "flu"! Brazil surpassed Russia in the number of cases of coronavirus
24 May 2020, 14:55In the world
According to the private American Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, as of Saturday night, May 23, 330,890 infections were recorded in Brazil, while in Russia 326,448. Thus, we lost the world championship to this Latin American country.

According to Deutsche Welle, 20 803 new infections were recorded in Brazil over the last day, which is a record for this country for the entire pandemic. During this time, 1,001 people died from the consequences of infection, and a total of 21,048 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Emergency Situations, called South America "the new epicenter of the disease" on Friday, and Brazil "the most affected country".

Recall that President Jair Bolsonaru deliberately ignores recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its own Ministry of Health, which encourage citizens to adhere to the rules of social distance. He called coronavirus just “mild flu” and sharply criticized governors who limited public life in their regions.

But the outcome of this attitude to the problem turned out to be more than sad: not only are people in the Amazon dying at a record pace, because of the COVID-19 pandemic a record increase in government debt is expected (up to 93.5 percent of GDP) and the deepest drop in gross domestic product product in the history of observations since 1900 (at least 4.7 percent of GDP). Thus, the country received a double blow.

But it is worth recognizing that the level of medicine in many parts of Brazil is so low that it is impossible to seriously fight the epidemic. Experts say that the actual incidence may be 10-15 times higher than official cirfs, since there are practically no tests for coronavirus.

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