Joe Biden hopes to run for second term

Joe Biden hopes to run for second term
Joe Biden hopes to run for second term
26 March, 09:55In the world
US President Joe Biden, during his first full-length press conference, announced that he intends to fight for the post of head of state in 2024. He indicated that he expects to participate in the elections with Kamala Harris as a candidate for vice-president.

"My answer is yes. I plan to fight for re-election, I expect this", - Biden answered the journalists' question and added that he does not like to think about the future, but at the moment his expectations are exactly those.

“I can never confidently plan ahead for four or three and a half years”, - Biden said.

He also said he "fully expects" to run alongside Kamala Harris as vice president.

“She's a great partner”, - Biden said.

Biden was also asked about his predecessor, Donald Trump. The current president jokingly said that he misses him.

"My predecessor... My God, I miss him so much", - Biden said and laughed.

Joe Biden's press conference lasted 1 hour 2 minutes. About thirty permanent members of the president's journalistic pool were admitted to the meeting. Biden answered questions from representatives of ten media outlets - they all support the Democrats. At the same time, they did not give the floor to the representative of the Fox News channel (supports the Republicans), RIA Novosti clarifies.

Biden was not asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It's worth reminding that Biden had previously refused open negotiations with Putin.

Putin, after Joe Biden's harsh words about him, suggested holding such a conversation on March 19 or 22, so that everyone could watch it. Joe Biden said on March 17 that he considers Vladimir Putin to be a murderer, after which Russia recalled its ambassador from the United States for consultations.

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