Boris Johnson urged Russian scientists to move to Britain

Boris Johnson urged Russian scientists to move to Britain
Boris Johnson urged Russian scientists to move to Britain
28 June, 09:50In the world
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during the G7 summit, issued an invitation to Russian scientists who are dissatisfied with the current situation in Russia and the policy of its authorities. Johnson encouraged them to move to work in the UK.

According to The Guardian, Johnson put forward such an initiative as part of an expansion of the partnership system between universities in Ukraine and the UK, allowing Ukrainian scientists to conduct research in institutions in the United Kingdom.

“You can safely apply to move to the UK and work in a country that values openness, freedom and the pursuit of knowledge,” Johnson addressed scientists from Russia.

The program budget has been increased by 10 million pounds - $12.3 million. About 130 Ukrainian scientists will come to the UK.

Earlier it became known that the US government is studying the possibility of simplifying the migration procedure for Russian citizens who disagree with the policy of the Russian authorities against the backdrop of a special operation being carried out in Ukraine. The US is discussing plans to make it easier for migrant Russian specialists to obtain visas. In turn, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, said that the United States is actively poaching the best scientists from Russia, which contributes to the creation of a scientific and technological curtain over the Russian Federation.

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