Anthropologists can't be fooled: American Indians also loved ethnic cleansing

Anthropologists can't be fooled: American Indians also loved ethnic cleansing
30 March , 15:51In the world
Representatives of the native population of America often complain about the European conquerors, but their mores were also bloody and cruel.

The popular blogger Dmitry Sevastyanov posed an interesting question in his publication: what would be happening in America now if European civilization had not come there?

It's no secret that American Indians are still confident that before the colonization of the continent by Europeans, they lived richly and happily. True, this conviction is largely explained by selfish motives: the US authorities also reduce taxes, and pay benefits to those suffering from the past of the Indians...

But wouldn't the life there be similar to the modern African one, because Indian manners with their cruelty are very reminiscent of African or ancient New Zealand ones: endless wars, violence, poverty...

The blogger cites as an example the historical events on the American continent in 1200-1300, when the warm period ended and another cooling of the climate began, which made life extremely difficult for people around the world, leading to wars of conquest, the purpose of which was survival.

North America at that time experienced many upheavals. So in South Dakota, along the Missouri River, the Indians of the Sioux family lived. They lived in earthen huts, farming and hunting. And in 1150 the Indians of the Caddoan language group moved there from Nebraska, occupying another part along the Missouri and building 55 houses there.

When scientists in the 20th century began to study local legends and started archaeological excavations, they found that about 500 people, including children, were brutally killed in those places between 1300-1350, and then mutilated: broken teeth, cut tongues, heads, hands-legs. Moreover, many have found evidence of chronic malnutrition. They suffered from iron deficiency in food, which affected their growth - they were significantly lower than their modern descendants.

Резервация Кроу Крик, где произошли эти исторические события

This famine was associated with droughts caused by the Little Ice Age: the more glaciers, the less frequent the rains and the more desolate the land.

The total scalping (even of children) testifies to the fact that it was genocide, racial cleansing of all, albeit a small people - and therefore a unique set of features of the appearance and language of another tribe, an entire ethnic group, was destroyed.

The descendants of the victorious Indians demanded to bury the bones of the enemies and not disturb them anymore. Well, that's right: who wants to be deprived of privileges and responsible for the sins of their ancestors?

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