Biden sprained his ankle while playing with the dog

Biden sprained his ankle while playing with the dog
Biden sprained his ankle while playing with the dog
30 November 2020, 12:30In the worldPhoto: Газета.ру
US presidential candidate Joe Biden unsuccessfully fell and sprained his ankle while playing with his dog.

After the incident on November 29, doctors discovered fractures in Biden's two bones in the foot. Now he will have to wear an ankle brace for several weeks.

“Experts have identified cracks in two bones in the foot after a dislocation of the right ankle in the 78-year-old US President-elect Joseph Biden”, - TASS reports, citing data from leading American media outlets included in the politician's press pool.

The politician's physician Kevin O'Connor told reporters about Biden's injury. He stated that the X-rays showed cracks "in the lateral and intermediate sphenoid bones, which are in the middle of the foot".

As explained in the headquarters of Biden, he was injured while playing with his dog named Major. According to, Biden started this shepherd dog in 2018.

After visiting the hospital, the injured Biden was caught on video.

“An NBC employee filmed a politician walking out of the orthopedic department in Delaware, accompanied by several people. Biden walks without any help. The democrat and all his entourage wear masks. At the end of the video, he walks up to the car and gets into it”, - notes

The US presidential election was held on November 3. Officially, their results have not yet been summed up, but Biden's headquarters have already announced victory and began preparations for the inauguration, which is to take place on January 20. Biden's rival Donald Trump, upon learning of the injury, wished Biden a speedy recovery.

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