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Сентябрь 2023
Survive on a scholarship. What can a Russian student afford
The Ministry of Education and Science reports: over the past 5 years, the minimum amount of the scholarship has increased by an average of 23%. But the official inflation during this time was 32,36%, and the increase was a ridiculous 341 rubles. In the new academic season, the minimum academic scholarship will be 1825 rubles. How to live on them?
Август 2023
New mortgage rates: is it worth taking out housing loans at all?
Mortgages are getting more expensive: Sberbank has announced an increase in rates by 0.8 percentage points. Now the minimum rate for new buildings starts at 11,4%, and for secondary construction — from 11,7%. We consider overpayments and figure out whether it is more profitable to choose a rental home.
Июнь 2023
Once in a hundred years they shoot at their own people. What the history of military uprisings in Russia teaches us
The fighters of the Wagner PMCs of Yevgeny Prigozhin reached Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh, staged battles with the regular army of Russia. The dollar and euro exchange rates are growing by leaps and bounds. Those who wanted to sit on the sidelines can no longer hope for it. What should we expect in general, based on the history of rebellions and coups?
Апрель 2023
Kamchatka, Chukotka, the Urals... How much does it cost to relax in non-resort regions of Russia
The trend for home recreation and the search for non-trivial places for this originated in the years of the pandemic. But over the past year, it has been strengthened by sanctions and a ban on flights from Russia. With traditional regions for recreation, everything is clear, it will be expensive and cramped there. Novye Izvestia, than the tourist will be surprised by the North and the Far East.
Cosmonautics in Russia: the last chance for survival
On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, Roscosmos revived. The corporation began to actively announce new developments, report on all kinds of projects, increasing activity in the information field. But what are the chances that everything stated is being realized, taking into account the fact that the domestic cosmonautics was isolated from the world?
Putting president on trial: How the heads of State are imprisoned
Today, on April 4, Donald Trump is due to appear before a US court in a very intimate case. Criminal prosecution of the head of the country is difficult to imagine. But the world practice is rich in sentences to the first persons of the state.
Март 2023
Keeping an eye on everyone and everywhere: new measures have been introduced to control Russians on the roads
Reports came from the Moscow City Duma that people's voice recognition and wiretapping in cars have been introduced in Moscow. They are discussing the enforcement of a law aimed at strengthening responsibility for the violation of silence by motorists and motorcyclists. The FSB will also get access to taxi geolocation.
On the nature of earthquakes: how the elements "play" with the Earth without disturbing the brains of scientists
Attempts to explain the causes of the February catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria have demonstrated the incredible ignorance of scientific journalists and even scientists around the world.
Share with the Ministry of Finance: how Russians will pay for the budget deficit
This week was held under the flag of the Ministry of Finance, which diligently tried to find new sources to replenish the federal budget in 2023. There are different options, but they have one thing in common: the population will pay for everything.
Football without fans: Fan ID system deprived stadiums of spectators
The Russian Premier League is back, but you can now get to football matches only with a Fan ID, or a fan card. This card has already alienated hundreds of thousands of spectators from football and changed this sport, making it less spectacular.
Where childhood goes: why young people create alternative structures
Over the past few weeks, the topic of youth has become almost the most discussed. This is due not to new initiatives of politicians and not to official movements, but to news about the new youth subculture "PMCs Redan". What is missing from our youth and what is wrong with youth policy?
Scammy cucumbers. How did food prices actually rise, and what are we going to eat now
In winter, the prices of cucumbers suddenly collapsed! It's not even harvest season yet, and prices have fallen. Sugar, on the contrary, is getting more expensive. And this is despite the fact that its production is growing. Novye Izvestia finds out what is happening and how we will have to eat in the new reality.
Февраль 2023
After us the deluge! Who and how poisons drinking water in Moscow
Man, as you know, is 80% water. Water is necessary for the proper functioning of all his organs – from the circulatory system to the brain. However, the catastrophic state of water intake from the rivers near Moscow leaves no chance for clean water. The petition of environmentalists has been sent to the President of Russia.
What the meteorite that fell 10 years ago near Chelyabinsk has changed in science and people's minds
On February 15, most residents of Chelyabinsk celebrate their second birth. A meteorite exploded over the city 10 years ago. Then the whole country got off with a slight fright, but if he had flown a little differently, everything could have gone differently. What trace in history did this cosmic event leave?
The ideology of the action. Will you take it? Where the new "social elevators" for young people are going
It turns out that not only the older generation is nostalgic for the USSR. Young people also do not breathe evenly to everything Soviet. VTSIOM polls never lie, do they? But if horror stories about the 90s are enough for older people, then things are more complicated with generation "Z" (those who are from 13 to 28 years old).
The Way of Judas and Pavlik Morozov: are informers useful in modern Russia?
After the introduction of article 20.3.3 Administrative Code On March 4, 2022, the police opened 35 administrative cases a day against citizens. Most of them were opened at the request of "vigilant citizens". Novye Izvestia discussed with experts a new surge of whistleblowing in the country.
Myths about the beautiful past: what people who are nostalgic for the USSR do not want to remember
The Russian authorities are actively restoring Soviet practices, encouraging nostalgic moods of the people. What can all this lead to? NI launches a series of materials in which, together with historians and political scientists, we understand which of the memories of the "beautiful era" was a myth and which was reality.
Honest - on the way out! How Medicine Optimizers Get Rid of Doctors
Optimization swallows alive the best personnel in medicine. Because of the harassment of the leadership, doctors lose their life's work, are expelled from the profession with a wolf ticket, and their patients become "street children". The heroes of the NI review are united by the struggle for high-quality medical care and resistance to criminal orders.
"Army of homeless people": who will solve the issue of apartments for military personnel?
The Russian army is considered one of the strongest in the world. According to military analysts, the Russian Army ranks 2-3 in terms of aggregate indicators. At the same time, every 25th serviceman of the Russian Federation does not have his own home. Deprived of apartments, the military decided to turn to the President in search of the truth.
U-turn to the east: what awaits Russian business in China
If we believe the assurances of the authorities, then the loss of the European, Japanese and American markets for Russian business is more than compensated by cooperation with China. But what awaits our entrepreneurs in China?