"Today is a holiday for the grandfathers..." Will there be a new pioneer organization in Russia?

"Today is a holiday for the grandfathers..." Will there be a new pioneer organization in Russia?
"Today is a holiday for the grandfathers..." Will there be a new pioneer organization in Russia?
18 May, 12:11Photo: Василий Ложкин
On May 19, the State Duma will consider a rather controversial bill on the creation of an analogue of a pioneer organization.

As you know, the draft law on the creation of a unified children's public organization will be considered in the State Duma in the first reading on May 19, the centenary of the Pioneers. This was announced by the head of the House Committee on Family, Women and Children Nina Ostanina.

Pioneers give children a chance

This news, quite expected in the light of recent events, is being actively discussed on social networks. The popular telegram channel Brief even conducted a survey among its readers and found out that the majority of Russian citizens are interested in the topic of restoring the pioneers, since only 5% declared a lack of interest in it.

Most of the respondents are skeptical about the restoration of the pioneer organization: 30% are definitely against it, and 23% are wondering if the project will be of interest to children or will it become a new obligation. In other words, 53% do not understand the need for a children's organization, the meaning of its creation and goals.

18% believe that the future children's organization is a pure scoop. 12% do not believe in its perspective and are sure that all this will become a formality.

42% for the restoration of the pioneer organization. At the same time, only 15% believe that the future children's organization should educate patriots. 27% believe that the presence of pioneers will occupy the leisure time of children. At the same time, a considerable part of citizens believe that the participation of children in the organization will help them in their future life, form skills and abilities.

The survey shows that the topic of pioneers as a mass public organization is of interest to society and will be at the center of discussion. At the same time, citizens least of all want it to be a formal state structure, busy cultivating love for the state and power. Some people remember pioneering as a synonym for friendship, leisure, community, and would like to instill these qualities in the younger generation. Pioneerism can become an elevator for many children, build social ties and provide leisure. Many children are now presented to themselves, they cannot escape from the conditions of everyday life. A future children's organization may give them that chance.

Without a unified state ideology, this idea is doomed to failure.

But the politician Igor Skurlatov quite rightly believes that in the absence of a coherent state ideology (and it does not exist in Russia), the creation of such an organization is doomed to failure:

“Officially, the appearance of an analogue of the Soviet pioneers can be announced on the day of its 100th anniversary - May 19. Among the main candidates for the post of leader of the movement is the deputy head of Rosmolodezh, Damir Fattakhov. Previously, he was the Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan and the captain of the KVN team "Four Tatars".

According to the plans, the new children's and youth structure will cover schoolchildren and students of secondary specialized educational institutions. The Ministry of Education will be responsible for its work in schools, and Rosmolodezh in universities. Another source for cutting budget funds. A youth system without reference to at least some state ideology is doomed to failure, "no brainer." All that remains is the desire to "cut the bucks".

Analysts of the Nezygar channel believe that the creation of the movement, which can only conditionally be considered an analogue of the Soviet pioneers, fits into the new reality, but they warn of serious problems that will certainly arise in the implementation of this idea:

“At the same time, experts say that the atomized Russian society is not ready for universality and totality at the level of public organizations in principle. Membership in the organization is planned to be made voluntary: experts call the lack of obligation the most important condition for the effective implementation of the initiative.

Russian society has long been atomized and segmented depending on socio-economic factors. Under these conditions, the future children's organization can become a significant factor in the formation of citizenship and healthy patriotism. At the same time, experts note, the factor of self-realization is no less significant. The organization needs to be filled with content not only from the point of view of ideology and meanings, but also from the point of view of developing the potential of the younger generation, professional and creative self-realization of children and adolescents.

The attitude towards the organization, first of all, of parents will be formed under the influence of the opportunities that it gives their children.

If institutional conditions for self-realization and self-expression are created, the patriotic component and the ideological component will be perceived organically and positively, experts are sure. If the ideological component and the linear imposition of patriotism prevail, and from the point of view of the self-realization of children, an increase in opportunities does not happen, the opposite effect may also occur. In this regard, experts say, much will depend on the quality of work of organizations in the field.

Experts in the field of education say that a high-quality organization at the level of secondary schools and special educational institutions will require additional administrative and pedagogical energy: therefore, most likely, personnel reinforcement and effective methodological coordination at the level of Rosmolodezh, the Ministry of Education will be needed..."

This mold will never go away

The well-known Russian journalist Tatyana Malkina recalls her pioneer childhood without any nostalgia:

“I was accepted into the pioneers on the last “shift”, not honorable - after lessons in the pioneer room, without celebrations and witnesses. No, I studied well, I was engaged in Timurov's work, I collected scrap metal and especially waste paper perfectly, I drew a political poster with enthusiasm. But I was skeptical. it was clear that somehow I didn’t feel strongly about the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, rather I didn’t relate at all. And also the cuffs and collar were often untidy.

Amazing, but I remember the words:

"Me, imyarek, joining the ranks of the All-Union Pioneer Organization, in the face of my comrades, solemnly swear: to love my homeland passionately; to live, study and fight as the great Lenin bequeathed, as the Communist Party teaches; always to fulfill the laws of the pioneers of the Soviet Union".

As well as the rules, or rather the so-called. laws of the Soviet pioneers:

The pioneer is devoted to the motherland, the party, communism.

Pioneer is preparing to become a member of the Komsomol.

The pioneer keeps alignment with the heroes of struggle and labor.

Pioneer honors the memory of the fallen fighters and is preparing to become the defender of the motherland.

The pioneer is persistent in learning, work and sports.

The Pioneer is an honest and faithful comrade, always boldly standing up for the truth.

Pioneer - comrade and leader of the Octobrists.

A Pioneer is a friend to Pioneers and to the children of the working people of all countries.

And I remember the blotter in my notebook.

The thought is tormenting: could everything be different today if I didn’t remember all this garbage? Is there any hope for normality in the future, when my generation, the last pioneer, has already died out? Or not? Or will there always be new people who will be inspired by the mythical sundae in a glass for 20 and the death of pioneer heroes? And surely someone will feel so good and warm in the chest from shouting out “Always ready!” That this mold will never pass?

Meanwhile, the following rhyme is circulating on social media:

Today is a holiday for grandfathers,

Pioneers will return

Another six months and ready

Lavrenty Palych Beria.

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