Posted 9 июня 2020, 14:47

Published 9 июня 2020, 14:47

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Expert Antipov: actor Mikhail Yefremov was blinded by an oncoming car

9 июня 2020, 14:47
In no way I encourage drunkenness, and evil should be punished, despite the talent of Mikhail Yefremov. However, professional analysis of the photos from surveillance cameras shows one extenuating circumstance and a possible reason why the actor did not fit into the rotation.

Yuri Antipov, Independent Technical Expert

This moment, of course, does not remove responsibility from Mikhail Yefremov, but at least somehow explains his departure to the oncoming lane. In order. We look at the freeze-frame, which shows the movement of cars. See photo No.1.

The arrow shows an extraneous car moving along the second lane from the dividing line towards us. And watch how his headlights shine. The light from its left headlight extends in the reflection of the first strip from the dividing line to approximately its center. Now we look at another car moving in the same lane and located in the same place of the road. See photo No. 2.

This car is also indicated by an arrow. And also watch how his headlights illuminate the road surface. I summarize. These cars, shown in photo No. 1 and No. 2, with headlight adjustment are all right. They do not blind drivers of oncoming cars. And it was not by chance that I took these two cars for comparison, and when I found them at the same point as the car, which will be discussed later. And now we look at photo No. 3, which shows the moment when Efremov’s car begins to go into the oncoming lane before the turn. His car is shown by a blue arrow.

And now we look at the car that goes along the oncoming lane exactly in the place where two other cars, shown in photo No. 1, No. 2, passed earlier. This machine is indicated by a red arrow. And it is clearly seen that a strong (a spot of light on the asphalt stands out much more strongly on the asphalt) the light beam from the left headlight of this car goes to the left and much further than the previous machines examined. And this means that the left headlight of this car is not adjusted and blinds oncoming drivers. Moreover, on this machine, based on its design, the headlights are also located higher above the road than a passenger car. And this is before the turn, when Yefremov needs to turn right...

And the headlights of the oncoming car hit the light in his eyes ...And here's such a doublet.

Blinded by alcohol and the light of an oncoming car, Efremov kills a person. Alas...

From the editor:

A double regret over this incident arises when you ask a simple question: excuse me, why the hell didn’t Yefremov order a sober driver? Or why didn’t he call a taxi, getting drunk to the bestial state? After all, it is so simple now with the round-the-clock services!!!