Posted 14 июля 2020,, 12:33

Published 14 июля 2020,, 12:33

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Out of Sobyanin’s eyes: why the police detained a mother with a small child

Out of Sobyanin’s eyes: why the police detained a mother with a small child

14 июля 2020, 12:33
In the Moscow region of Kuryanovo, police was not embarrassed to detain and under an assumed pretext to take to the police station a mother and a small child.
Moscow region

It would seem that the Russian security forces have already reached the bottom in the depths of their moral decline. But not yet, there is still an extent to fall. "Novye Izvestia" has already told about the detention of the 75-year-old artist in St. Petersburg. And now there’s a new, and even more egregious case that simply would not have been possible to imagine even in a nightmare if it onle hadn’t happened in reality. And not somewhere in the "wild" Russian outback, but in a "civilized" Moscow. The public "Moscow activist" reported:

“In Moscow, before the opening of the Kuryanovo MCD station, eight activists were detained, who were going to ask Sobyanin uncomfortable questions. Even a woman with a two-year-old child were taken to the police van.

“Today Sobyanin comes to open the MCD Kuryanovo. The police came several times allegedly because at 02 they as if had many calls with thw statements from citizens that “suspicious citizens had accumulated in Kuryanovo near a suspicious car”. We were detained to give explanations, according to what article - they did not say; they were taking us to the Pechatniki district police department. Mom with a child [were detained]. I asked the police not to take mother and a child, but they said that they will show the cartoons for the child in the department”, - said the municipal deputy Sergey Vlasov, who was also detained with the others.

According to activist Yekaterina Maksimova, one of those who participated in the detention was a police lieutenant Nadzhafov Ruslan Abissamovich.

It is surprising, of course, with what kind of zeal the police violated all the possible laws with this detention, in order Sergey Sobyanin would talk only with the “trusted” Muscovites...”

I wonder when this child grows up, what an attitude he will have towards the police, and more broadly - the government? Will he remember these "funny cartoons" that were shown to him while his mother was pressed up by the policemen somewhere near?