Posted 9 сентября 2020,, 07:16

Published 9 сентября 2020,, 07:16

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Regime of emergency was announced in two more districts of Primorye after the typhoon Haishen

Regime of emergency was announced in two more districts of Primorye after the typhoon Haishen

9 сентября 2020, 07:16
A municipal emergency was introduced in the Partizansky urban district and the Pogranichny districts of the Primorsky Territory as a result of the consequences of the past typhoons.

The emergency regime in the Partizansky urban district has been announced within the boundaries of the location of power facilities of JSC "DRSK". The Regional Ministry for Civil Defense and Emergencies informs that the work to restore the power supply is being restored. The department clarified that the passage of light vehicles to the village of Tigrovoe is difficult. So far, you can only get to the settlement by rail.

On the territory of the entire municipality there is an emergency regime in the Pogranichny district. Overflows over the roads were recorded here, several residential buildings were flooded.

On September 8, an emergency regime was announced in 15 coastal settlements. The disaster caused the rivers to overflow their banks, cut off the road connection between the villages of the Ussuriysk urban district. The deputy head of the Ussuriysk administration, Andrei Khalturin, pointed out the complexity of the situation, but specified that "the water is gradually declining". Moreover, the official stressed, the typhoon did not come as a surprise: the citizens were warned of the impending Haishen. There were no interruptions in the delivery of food and medicine to the affected villages.

Note that the authorities of Primorye warned residents about the approach of the super typhoon Haishen on September 5. The head of the region, Oleg Kozhemyako, spoke about this personally. On his Instagram, he addressed the residents of Primorsk, saying that the typhoon would hit the same areas as last time. He also warned that it is necessary to bring up forces from other regions and even regions now.

In South Korea, Haishen inflicted significant damage, including stopping the operation of two nuclear power plants.