Posted 16 марта 2022,, 16:02

Published 16 марта 2022,, 16:02

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Elder brothers: what kind of USSR does the “deep people” really yearn for

16 марта 2022, 16:02
Алексей Рощин
The inhabitants of the country really want to return the USSR, but one in which "the Russian people will find their real status".

Alexey Roshchin, sociologist

They write that the most important reason for the current events was a certain nostalgia of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation "for the USSR", which, moreover, was inflated with might and main by Russian propaganda. This version is too commonplace, and it is basically too gullible about Putin's words about the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe".

In fact, it's even worse. The truth is that our Russians don't really WANT any return to the Soviet Union. And this, by the way, is one of the reasons for the current super-fierce resistance in Ukraine.

The joke is that today's Russians want the Soviet Union... but the "correct" one. And this is a completely different matter. They want a USSR in which "the Russian people will find their true status." Which? Older brother. What's this? This is how our people dream - the status of the Residents of the Metropolis. Under which all former republics already have a distinctly COLONIAL status. Moreover, the population of the Russian Federation considers this alignment absolutely fair. “After all, there are more of us, we are Russians, we brought CULTURE to all these untermenschs!”

This is such an open secret, which, however, is hidden in every possible way at the official level. Moreover, his power is ashamed much more than the "deep people" themselves. The very words about "friendship of peoples" cause the population of the Russian Federation not only rejection - they cause almost hatred. Moreover, they are associated precisely with the “damned scoop” - about which the people seem to suffer greatly.

They suffer about the ILLUSION of power - but not about the friendship of peoples. Grieve over the lost OPPORTUNITY of power.

This is the reason for the popularity of the special operation...