Sobyanin announced the decline of the coronavirus pandemic

Sobyanin announced the decline of the coronavirus pandemic
Sobyanin announced the decline of the coronavirus pandemic
19 February, 11:52Society
Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that the coronavirus pandemic is on the decline. He wrote about this in his blog.

It's worth reminding that since the beginning of the epidemic, according to official data, 962.6 thousand people have been infected in Moscow, most of whom have already recovered. Over the past day, only 1.9 thousand new cases of the disease were detected in the capital. Over the entire time, 14.5 thousand patients with covid have died from complications.

The head of the city noted that Moscow's healthcare system withstood the extreme stress during the pandemic, not least due to the renewal of medical equipment even before the coronavirus pandemic in 2011-2013.

However, as the mayor of the city noted, a number of this technology, which was bought almost ten years ago, is becoming obsolete "with the aging rate of smartphones and computers." In 2019, even before the pandemic, the city authorities decided to completely update high-tech equipment, in particular, angiographs, tomographs, mammographs and ultrasound machines. "In 2020-2023, city hospitals and polyclinics will receive 6,000 units of this latest equipment", - the head of the city added. Most of this equipment - about 4.8 thousand units, has already been purchased and delivered to city hospitals.

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