The Pentagon called Russia a threat to all NATO countries

The Pentagon called Russia a threat to all NATO countries

17 February , 10:02In the world
One of the topics that will be raised at the two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers, scheduled for February 17, will be the question of "destabilizing Russia's activities." The United States intends to raise it.

This is stated by the Pentagon. On the agency's website, Russia is called "a threat to all NATO allies, including the United States".

“They use military force to achieve their goals. This administration (Joseph Biden - noted by the ed.) has already made it clear that we will work with Russia to advance our own interests and simultaneously bringing them to responsibility for their reckless and aggressive actions. So we look forward to discussing this with our allies this week", - Pentagon officials say.

The US Department of Defense also states that the threat from Moscow is "its desire to undermine security and stability around the world with its authoritarian approach".

"We see this in her cooperation with China - a marriage of convenience", - said the representative of the department at a briefing before the meeting of NATO countries.

It's worth reminding that Biden has already promised to make Russia "pay for everything". He assured that "made it clear to President Putin that the days when the United States would surrender in the face of aggressive Russian actions are over". Under "aggressive actions," Biden indicated "interference in our elections, cyberattacks, poisoning of our citizens".

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