US Congress begins procedure for Turkey's exclusion from NATO

US Congress begins procedure for Turkey's exclusion from NATO
US Congress begins procedure for Turkey's exclusion from NATO
20 October 2020, 02:24In the world
The US Congress has launched a procedure to exclude Turkey from NATO. The country may lose its membership by the end of this year.

A resolution to exclude Turkey has been submitted to the US House of Representatives. It notes that this proposal is due to the fact that the country "provides open support to Azerbaijan in the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh", - according to the message of the Armenian National Committee of America ( ANCA), published on Twitter.

In particular, the resolution notes that the country attracted terrorists from Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to the battles in this territory. Both organizations are recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation. The Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down in the sky over Armenia is also a confirmation of Turkey's participation on the side of Azerbaijan. Canada has already suspended the supply of weapons to Turkey, as the country uses them in armed conflict. At the same time, NATO calls for an end to the armed confrontation on the border of the two countries and sit down at the negotiating table.

The decision to exclude is being considered because the country has violated several agreements at once. The last straw, according to, was the recent test of Russian weapons delivered last year - four S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. Recently it became known that Turkey has tested a new weapon, the tests were successful . At the Russian forum "Army-2020" in August this year, it was announced that another contract was signed for the supply of this military equipment to Turkey.

Another reason for the proposal to exclude Turkey from NATO was the worsening of relations with Greece, the newspaper believes. Earlier, Turkey discovered a new natural gas field near the Greek island of Kastelorizo and began to conduct seismic studies there. At the same time, Greece considers this territory to be its economic zone and opposes any production of a third-party country in this territory. Greece called on the EU to impose sanctions against the aggressor. Turkey is now looking for ways to justify production in this area.

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